The system born to run online businesses.

Your website and a central customer database. Email marketing and eCommerce. Web analytics and customer profiling. It's one, central console with everything you need to run your online business.

Let's build your business online with the system built for success.

Run your website

Our system will host your website and enable YOU to manage it yourself, at any time. Editing your pages is a snap with easy-to-use tools.

Beyond web pages, you can create a community with forums, build an audience with blogs, make secure areas for VIP content... and more.

Capture leads

React faster - with smart web forms that notify you instantly by email and SMS when you get a new customer!

Use custom web forms that capture every inquiry in a contact managment database, so you'll never lose a lead.

Know your customers

With your online business console, every web inquiry, every purchase and every action is being recorded against a customer record.

Over time you'll get a complete picture of every customer and how they interact with your business, all from your built-in contact database.

An online store

Set up an online store and sell your products in a matter of minutes with your online business' online shop management features.

Without extra software, without extra effort you can sell products, fulfill orders, manage stock levels and collect payments automatically.

Send newsletters

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing available to a business owner.

With your online business console, you can send newsletters and other campaigns to targeted lists of customers that you've saved in the built-in contact database.

Executive insight

Log in, and you're greeted with an instant overview of how your business is tracking from 4 key metrics.

From there you can drill down into detailed reports on your website, marketing campaigns and eCommerce performance.

What's next...

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More than Just Websites

Replace 5+ Systems with One

You used to need several expensive and sometimes difficult systems to manage your online business - eCommerce, CRM, email marketing and your website. Now you can do it all more efficiently and cost effectively with our all-in-one solution. We integrate each of these separate elements into a single easy-to-use system that delivers measurable results.

Take Command of Your Website
with Easy Website Editing

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Sell Your Products and Take Payments
with Flexible eCommerce

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Better Customer Service
with Built-In CRM

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Drive Repeat Sales
with Email Marketing

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Understand your Business Better
with Powerful Analytics

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New Horizons Insurance Marketing, Inc.

New Horizons' site uses almost every aspect of our all-in-one system. There's a private section for insurance agents to login and download forms and documents, and access a custom rate quoting engine. There are lead-genaration forms, landing pages, a blog, custom email blasts to thousands of agents, custom web apps to display product information, and a private shopping cart system where agents can order supplies.